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 Vacuum Frying

                  Vacuum frying is a method of processing food by using oil to exchange with heat and frying products without letting the oxygen inside the machine. Reducing pressure makes lower boiling point less than using deep frying. During frying process, food is heated by the oil. The heat causes water within food reaches the boiling and then quickly evaporate from the inside which makes the food shrink, dry and crispy. With vacuum frying process, there will be less content oil, shape, color, nutrients and vitamin remains more than deep frying 


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Okra Chips 25g

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Vacuum Freeze Drying

                  Freeze Drying is a process of drying that involves freezing the product, lowering pressure, then removing the ice by sublimation. After preparing the raw material, there are 3 main processes as follows; First, Freezing the product to the freezing point. Second is primary drying, this is   a process is where most of moisture is drawn off by evaporating the water particles at extremely low temperature. Lastly, it’s called secondary drying. When the primary drying is complete The ice will met. There will be residual moisture. So increasing the temperature will pullout the remaining moisture that is left to the level that is prospered 


Crispy Strawberry 25g

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Greenday Kids

                  Greenday Kids, Main purpose is to be friends with the kids, to give knowledge and happiness to everyone is a family. And also promoting to kids to consumes fruit and vegetables for the benefit of their health.

Greenday Fusion

                  From Greenday snack to Greenday fusion whereas our products are selected from the best resources. Adding fun flavors to it makes Greenday fusion has great taste more fun and can reach out to wider range of consumers. Because we that everyone can have a good healthy everywhere and every time.

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